I was invited over to the Tons’ residence for dinner this evening.

It has been a while since I’ve had a dinner invitation of any sort by anyone, so I was very happy to accept their invitation.

We had dinner in their new house, which was beautifully decorated.

N made a really pleasant dinner- roast chicken, mixed salad, egg and couscous, beans… yum.

JH and DW live with them too, so I had the pleasure of enjoying their company for dinner as well.

After our food, we sat out on the steps leading out to their backyard. DW lit a fire in the little ‘cauldron’ outside so as to keep us cosy and warm on this cool summer’s evening. We threw some incense into the fire too, and were quickly enveloped by a magnificent aroma. Soothing music played in the background, and I was thoroughly relaxed.

Under the beautiful full moon, we sat around the crackling fire chatting about anything and everything. From our work, to birthing, musicals, food, dental whitening, superstitions, to Christian attitudes towards gay friends and how to show love to homeless beggars on the streets… we spoke sincerely to each other and laughed a lot.

It was wonderful.

It has been a really long time since I have spent such an amazing time with friends.

Dear Lord, thank you so much.

Another page added to Singapore’s history book

At approximately 9am Singapore time this morning, our nation celebrated.

For the first time in the history of our tiny nation, Singapore has won an Olympic gold medal.

Finally. A medal. A gold one.

And a record to boot too! An Olympic record. 50.39 sec in the men’s 100m butterfly final.

Snatched by a true blue born-and-bred Singaporean.

What an amazing sight it was to behold, to see this man touch the wall at the end of his race ahead of the great Michael Phelps. As the Straits Times correspondent eloquently puts it, “He grows up worshipping a water god who hasn’t lost a major 100m butterfly race since 2005 and then he drowns his deity’s dream.”

Joseph Schooling has done our nation proud.

Joy and pride swelled as our national anthem resonated through the aquatics centre in Rio. For the first time ever.

Watching this young man standing on the podium, hand on his heart, muttering the words of Majulah Singapura under his breath as our national flag is raised above the others… I cried.

I will never understand how hard he has worked to get to where he is. I can only imagine the sacrifices and the suffering he has endured… but only he can truly attest to how arduous this journey has been.

As a spectator, I can only congratulate him, and say thank you. Thank you for doing Singapore proud.

I am incredibly inspired.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.54.48 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.56.35 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.58.42 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.01.45 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.02.07 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.02.53 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.03.09 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.03.24 Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.05.13

Singapore is incredibly proud of you Joseph. Because of you, people have sat up and taken notice of our crescent moon and five stars.


However, being Singaporeans, we must add comedy to even the most touching of moments. Here is a Facebook post by our Ministry of Education no less! In response to calls by the public for a celebratory public holiday…

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.16.24

And a brilliant come-back by a well-schooled and witty Singaporean.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.17.00



After suffering in silence for ever so long, I have decided to bite the bullet.

Today, I upgraded my Mac Operating System.

Now, all my webpages are finally displaying normally! Coming here onto wordpress is so much less stressful as well as I can finally see everything I am meant to see. Hopefully my online transactions in future will be able to go through much more smoothly without fear that the payment page cannot be displayed.

Goodbye Snow Leopard, it’s been a great six years.

Hello El Capitan. Please be gentle with me, I’m still trying to figure you out.

G-Dragon is a genius

After having my heart broken by Lee Hom 2 years ago, I have finally found someone else to love again. These celebrity crushes may seem really childish for someone aged 30, but for someone who is single AF like I am, they make me so giddy happy (though sad at the same time- because they are unreal).

Anyway, my latest love is a man named 권지용 . I know he’s been in the industry for ages and been hugely popular for the longest time, but I’ve never invested any time or effort into looking him up until this last week. Now, I am hooked.

This man is so beautiful and talented. His smile melts my heart. His fashion sense is on point. His work ethic inspires me.

Granted, he is not someone who falls into the category of “my type.” I usually fall for tall muscly chaps who are hugely intelligent and generally “good boys.” GD on the other hand seems to be the polar opposite to these men that I usually find attractive. I don’t know, there just seems to be some kind of magic emanating from him that draws me deeper and deeper into an uncontrolled fascination and infatuation.

tumblr_mafy9ekNRH1qb2yato3_1280 G_dragon_with_a_teddy_bear g-dragon-giuseppe-zanotti-collection-01


Thoughts on the drive home from work

I spent about an hour and a half this morning hand ventilating a little baby with a Mapleson F circuit (only 3kg, ex-prem, chronic lung disease, for PDA ligation).

Consequently, I spent an hour and a half breathing in unscavenged waste gases from the circuit with 3% sevoflurane and a fresh gas flow of 6 litres.

I reckon my own end tidal sevoflurane levels were probably about 0.5 by the end of it and I felt incredibly tired as I drove home from work.

Just thinking: If we advise our patients not to operate heavy machinery for 24hrs post GA, perhaps I really shouldn’t be driving after practically giving myself half an anaesthetic?


p.s. My right hand has also probably suffered repetitive strain injury from all that bag squeezing… *sigh, occupational health hazards eh?

Pensive on the train back home again

Just dropped my parents and brother off at the airport.
I absolutely hate goodbyes. Whether I am leaving them or being left behind by them, I always end up turning the waterworks on full blast. I find myself reduced into yet another sobbing mess as I bemoan the distance and time that separates us. I love my fam-bam and really wish I can be closer to them. Sure, there are plenty of trying days when we are together- dealing with my bro’s complete nonchalance about virtually everything, my dad’s apparent acopia borne simply out of laziness & forgetfulness, and mother’s fearsome and capricious temperament. There are days of frustration, days of anger, days of tears… But ultimately, I know that my mood gets swayed so much by these three people simply because I love them and care about them too much. Will I be moved by people that I simply do not give two hoots about? I very much doubt so.

When we are together, I feel stronger. I know someone has my back. I know they will be there as extra pairs of hands (as demonstrated by this morning’s extremely efficient packing and house-cleaning), I know they are there to comfort me in my sadness (trying not to remember last August), to advise me in my searching moments, to multiply the joy that bears out of my proudest moments (a la FRCA graduation). I treasure this family and I am ever thankful to God for them.

The last 12 days with them by my side have been tiring but precious. Tiring because I am an interpreter, a tour guide, a driver, a grocery shopper, a time keeper, a bill payer. I am weary because I find myself constantly worrying if they are still hungry, if they need the loo, if they are warm enough, if they are sufficiently rested, if they are too tired or achy as we travel across and even out of the country. I have had many chances to hold my parents’ hands these last 2 weeks. However, the strength of their grip and the weight of their pull on my arm has made me realise how much they have aged, and their increasing dependence on me- this realization makes me sad, and this has been emotionally exhausting.

Nevertheless, these days have been precious. We have gone away and seen some of the most stunning of God’s creations. We have enjoyed each other’s company and have created a multitude of wonderful memories for us to hold on to.

Perhaps being such a family- orientated person is God’s way of telling me that He will ultimately provide me with my own. Perhaps He will one day bless me with a husband and children. After all, He knows how much strength I draw from family, and will hopefully complete me as a person by eventually placing the correct puzzle piece of a man to fit me wonderfully- complete with all my jaunty angles and jutty- outty bits.

I shall not assume that God’s plans are going to necessarily fit mine. Perhaps He knows that my overt attachment to my worldly loved-ones is actually not healthy for me. Perhaps God has decided that keeping me single will spare me the potentially debilitating ache of fretting over, and ultimately losing loved ones in this world that we are simply passing through. Perhaps this is His way of protecting me.

I lift all up to you Lord.

My mum, my dad, my brother.

And my future significant other.

The Lord God made them all

The Blue Lagoon looking marvellous on a gorgeous spring day
Stunning mother nature feat. The Atlantic Ocean
Sólheimajökull glacier
A view from the side of Seljalandsfoss, decorated with a breath-taking rainbow!
The Faxi waterfall took my breath away
Strokkur the hot spring greeted us with some beautiful performances when we went to say hello
Gullfoss in all its grandeur

As you can tell, I have been away on holiday. I went with my parents and my brother, and safe to say, we had a rollin’ good time. Iceland is home to some of the most magnificent sceneries I have ever seen.

Creation spoke to me through its beauty, showing me how awesome and artistic its creator is. There is no way that volcanoes, waterfalls or oceans could have just “banged” out of nowhere. There must be a God- someone who painted the rainbows in the sky and sculpted those glaciers out of ice.

Yes, there IS a God. This God who breathes life into creation breathes true Life into my living. Lord, I lay my all down to you, for you are worthy to be praised. Hallelujah.

You’re the Word of God the Father,
From before the world began;
Every star and every planet
Has been fashioned by Your hand.
All creation holds together
By the power of Your voice:
Let the skies declare Your glory,
Let the land and seas rejoice!

You’re the Author of creation,
You’re the Lord of every man;
And Your cry of love rings out
Across the lands.


Blown it

There is a guy in church JH whom I have been really wanting to get to know for the last year or so. I never had a chance to go up to him and have a quick chat- no, not even a superficial one. Lately, he started attending the afternoon church services (whilst I continued to go to the morning ones) so the chances of seeing him have been reduced dramatically. We have known of each other for the last 10 years, but never actually had a proper conversation. Why am I interested now? you may ask. Well, because he is a rarity. He is a single, Christian, (pretty good-looking) man- one of the last few that I know of who isn’t 10 years my junior.

Today, I got my chance. We were at a thanksgiving lunch for one of the kids from our church. There was an empty seat next to him, so I asked to join him at the table. We got chatting and it was nice. It was really lovely to see a man who loved Jesus so much. His passion for the Lord translated into real action of going out as a missionary in parts of the world hostile to the gospel. He spoke animatedly about his desire to share the good news of Christ with the people around him. It was evident that God has filled his cup, and his cup runs over. I was attracted to him instantly purely for his love of my Lord Jesus.

But I faltered. Throughout our conversation, I do not think I came across eloquent, or confident, or attractive at all. I am completely clueless/ rusty at the whole flirting game. Well strictly speaking, I was not trying to flirt, though I was definitely trying to make more of an impression, and make myself appear more interesting and attractive. I was failing majorly as a woman seeking something more.

I guess I can say that I have “blown my chances” as the attraction certainly does not seem to be mutual.

Oh well. Pressing onward in my singleness. Chin up J.

It is all in God’s hands.