Outcome 6



After suffering in silence for ever so long, I have decided to bite the bullet.

Today, I upgraded my Mac Operating System.

Now, all my webpages are finally displaying normally! Coming here onto wordpress is so much less stressful as well as I can finally see everything I am meant to see. Hopefully my online transactions in future will be able to go through much more smoothly without fear that the payment page cannot be displayed.

Goodbye Snow Leopard, it’s been a great six years.

Hello El Capitan. Please be gentle with me, I’m still trying to figure you out.


I’ve developed hives somehow, probably from something in the lamb curry I had for lunch this afternoon.

My mast cells and basophils are in overdrive and this itch is driving me insane! And, the cetirizine is seriously taking its own sweet time to reach peak effect! I am struggling to stop myself from scratching…




Being geeky (and in preparation for an exam), I shall write about chlorphenaramine– a drug used for the same purpose and that I prescribe a lot more commonly.

Use: Allergic rhinitis, Rash (urticaria), Pruritis, Anaphylaxis

Presentation: 4 mg tablets, 0.4mg/ml syrup, 10ml/ml colourless solution for injection

Dose: 4mg oral dose tds/qds, 10mg iv/im/sc dose

Mechanism of axn: Antihistamine (competitive antagonism of H1 receptors), Anticholinergic


– CVS: Inhibits histamine induced vasodilatation and capillary permeability.

– RS: Reduction of bronchial secretions, doesnt fully reverse anaphylactoid bronchospasm as leukotrienes are also involved in allergic bronchoconstriction.

– GI: N+V, other GI disturbances

– CNS:  Sedating, some LA properties

– Anticholinergic properties


– Absorption: Slow absorption, 25-50% oral bioavailability (due to extensive first pass metabolism)

– Distribution: 70% plasma protein bound, Vd approx 7.5L/ kg

– Metabolism: Liver- oxidative deamination, demethylation

– Excretion: Urine, Cl 4.4-7.9ml/kg/min, elimination T1/2= 2-43hr. Not removed by dialysis.


My 2011

1. Celebrated Chinese New Year for the first time in 7 years

2. Partied at Trafalgar Square in London in celebration of Wills and Kate’s royal wedding.

3. Dedicated 4 months to a life-changing haematology job.

4. Went to pottery classes for the first time.

5. Fell and hurt my left knee (?meniscal tear), ended up being on crutches for a month

6. Started training as an Anaesthetist

7. Voted at Singapore’s presidential elections for the first time (at the embassy in London)

8. Went to the Southport fireworks championships- mighty impressive!

9. Celebrated my birthday in Singapore

10. Sang at a friend’s wedding



Why hello.

I have been contemplating getting a blog for the longest time ever (I think the first time I considered it I was probably 15 years old?), and today it has finally materialised.

I like writing, but I do admit that I lack the discipline to sit down, organise my thoughts and allow words to flow from my pen. I hope that keeping an online journal would prove a lot easier than keeping a real diary, but I guess only time will tell…

I want to use this little corner of the internet to reflect, contemplate life, and to muse. May the Lord use my words to teach me, and to encourage you.