I have been listening to Jam Hsiao over the Christmas and New Year period and have now decided that I really like him!


His voice is magnetic and mesmerising- and I quickly find myself lost in his magical music. This video started it all…

One video led to another

And another

He also seems like a really lovely, considerate and gentle man.

I also love a man who embraces his inner child (but not too much) and is hilarious in the process!

Thumbs up from me! I shall be following him more closely and enjoying his music more!

Only a holy God

This song.


I have not posted a song in the longest time! I had fun recording this cover of Lee Hom’s 你不知道的事 at 11pm- I hope the neighbours haven’t been woken up!



K-pop fever has hit this house

A couple of years ago, when Korean pop was making waves in Asia, I remember thinking that this was all silly child’s play. It is just another pop culture craze that young teenagers are chasing, much like the way J-pop fever reigned during my Secondary school days. I thought to myself that I must be old enough not to be herded along into this K-pop madness, and quite frankly, I did not think any of the Korean idols were particularly good-looking or talented anyway. Marketed in groups consisting of anything between 7 to 12 members, everyone in these groups looked exactly the same as each other and they sounded the same speaking in a language that I do not understand. Worse, these K-pop groups also had similarly strange names that mostly consisted of a combination of a couple of English letters and roman numerics (e.g. SS501, 2NE1, BTOB, 2am, 2pm etc). I did not find Korean pop attractive at all and simply could not understand what the huge hype was about Rain, or … whoever the latest K-pop idol is.

But I guess things are slowly changing… for me at least. I still do not profess to be a K-pop fanatic, but I am willing to admit that my interest in Korean TV and music has gradually grown.

It all started with me watching the Korean drama “playful kiss”, and I fell in love with a very suave Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong

More recently, I have been hooked on a Korean TV series “Global We Got Married” which basically pairs a Korean pop star with another celebrity from a different country. It then follows them through their (fake) dating, proposal, wedding, honeymoon and subsequent married life. I didn’t think much of the TV show initially, but gradually found myself completely and utterly hooked! In the absence of a love life at present, it felt so nice to secretly share and indulge in the sweet moments that belong to another couple.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 21.42.11

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 21.37.34

Watching these TV shows have led me to further investigate a number of Korean boybands, including 2pm and FT island. This song by FTisland (sung by their lead vocalist Hong Ki Lee) has proven to be a complete earworm and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Oh, if only I knew the Korean language! I would love to learn to sing this heartbreaking song…

Exam results and Les Miserables


Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 23.42.07

Oh the joy! The relief! The lifting of a huge burden off my shoulders! After a long, gruelling year of revision and exams, of being shackled to my books and papers, of long days and sleepless nights, I have finally cleared the Primary FRCA and am allowed a few months of freedom!!!!!!!!!! (before the next hurdle of the final exam, that is). I had much fairer questions this time round, and nothing unexpected was examined. My examiners were also lovely, and they tried their very best to help me out when my mind completely blanked out for a few seconds. Nevertheless, I still had sweaty armpits, racing palpitations and a parched mouth throughout my exam day, and I was absolutely elated when the final bell rang and the deed was done. When I got my results yesterday, I rang home immediately and sobbed without restraint. The floodgates were opened and I just kept telling my mum “you don’t know how much hard work I’ve put in, you don’t understand how painful this year has been, you cannot comprehend the sacrifices I have made for this!” I had been on the brink of a physical, mental and emotional breakdown in the weeks leading up to my exam; to have all the pressure, the pent up frustration, and the indescribable exhaustion suddenly lifted off me was inexplicably liberating- so liberating that I did not know how else to express it but to cry.

Despite my success in the exam, I am also very wary of the people who have failed. There is a guy whom I met at an exam prep course a couple of weeks ago who sat the exact same exam as me. He was the candidate one number before me, and like me, was resitting the viva after a previous failure. He was desperate to pass the exam this time round so that he can finally spend time with his toddler at home, and start to prepare for his wedding this May. We kept each other company through the day, going off for coffee and lunch together between our exams. It was nice having someone to chat to and distract me from the stress of the day. However, after his first exam, he kept telling me how he could not see himself passing it. I tried to keep his spirits up through the day by telling him to leave that first exam behind and focus on the next exam. You can never tell how you have done so try not to discourage yourself just yet! Nevertheless, I now know that he did indeed fail his exam again. He must be gutted! I feel really sorry for him. I really hoped he had passed! I pray that the Lord will give him some rest for now, and help him through the pain of having to revise and take these dreaded exams a third time.

Exams aside, I went to the movies for the first time in almost a whole year! I went to see Les Miserables today, and it was amazing! It was everything I imagined it to be and even more! I remember seeing the musical at the West End in London and sobbing my eyes out at the end when Jean Valjean died, and true to my emotional self, I wept once again when the protagonist died. In fact, the whole movie theatre was filled with the sound of sniffles towards the end of the show. I was truly moved by the story of love, of forgiveness, of mercy, of integrity. As my heart became overwhelmed by the display of such Godly virtues in the movie, I could not help but think of my Lord Jesus Christ. Such unconditional love, self-sacrificial redemption and complete adoption is true and real and even better in real life! Jesus is God, the Lord who breathed life into the universe. Yet, He is the same Lord who forsook all He had in heaven to walk on this earth as a lowly, despised man. He came to a world that mocked Him and scoffed at Him, to die for the sinners who hate him so that they may be reconciled to God. Jesus loves us, and like the priest at the start of the movie, he offers us more treasures than the priceless silver that we try and steal from him. He is filled with justice like the character Javert, but unlike the iron-fisted policeman, Jesus forgives and forgets. Like Jean Valjean to Cosette, my Lord offers to adopt us into a new life with no more pain and sorrow. He redeems us not just with 1500 francs, but with his own precious blood, shed on a cross more than 2000 years ago. But the best thing about my Jesus is that he is alive, true, and real, not just a make believe character in an Oscar-winning film. That blows my mind, I hope it blows yours too.

Disappointed with the new song

So, I have patiently waited for a new song by my all-time favourite artist, Lee Hom, for the longest time.

He normally releases a new album every year. And when he does, I would ring home incessantly and nag at mum to procure it ASAP in Singapore so that she can pop it into the post for me. I then check my mail with anticipation everyday for the next week until Mr English Postman finally delivers the much coveted package. Whatever the day of the year that may be, I have always felt like an excited little girl on Christmas day.

The songs from his new disc would then serve to keep me entertained through long-haul flights, boring train journeys, lonely bus trips, and painful revision nights for the next 12 months. Last year, he released a compilation album with only 2 new songs to keep things fresh for me for the rest of the year. Needless to say, I have savoured every millisecond of each song a million times over, and am now craving for new tunes to feed my addiction to his music.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Lee Hom has released a new song. One that I wish I could say I love, but unfortunately cannot. I do not mean to dismiss the fact that he has put immense effort into writing it, or even to say that it sounds bad. I just feel disappointed because I simply could not hear his soul in this new song. The music is typical of what he coins as the “chinked-out” style, but I have to admit that it does not stand out as one of his best works- it sounds so similar to a couple of his previous works that they all kind of just blend and blur into one. The lyrics make little sense to me too, and they are a jumble of words that I find difficult to even read! I sense an attempt to promote world peace by encouraging harmonious living in the song, but the link between that message and the 12 Chinese zodiacs is so tenuous that it almost qualifies for “trying too hard.” As for the music video, it is vibrant and colourful and Lee Hom looks as sauve as he always does. However, the dance choreography is childish and embarrassing, and the scene sets look unabashedly fake. I cringed as I watched it.

I hate writing bad reviews, even more so when it is on the work of someone I have loved and admired for years! I have tried to listen to the song a few more times, hoping that I will think differently the more I hear it. I keep trying to convince myself that  it cannot be that bad coming from Lee Hom. But I guess where there are hits, there must be misses. Surely work and life and music must not be always awesome, always smooth-sailing, always perfect for Lee Hom. He is a normal human being after all. I just hope that he does have more new songs to share in a new album, because this one really isn’t going to keep me going till next December.

King of Anything


I’ve been hooked on this song recently. It’s so fun and cheerful, and I just can’t help but smile every time I hear it.

It helps that Sam Tsui sings really well too- what an awesome cover.


這兩天呆在家里看了偶像劇 “醉後決定愛上你。”