For the times when I am fearful and doubtful


Be strong and courageous
The Lord of the Ages
Holds all His little ones,
Safe by His side
Be strong and courageous
The Lord of the Ages
Holds all His little ones safe

Do not fear the fire,
Do not fear the water,
Do not fear the thunder,
Jesus has conquered them all.


Do not fear the darkness
Do not fear the sadness
Do not fear the sickness
Jesus has conquered them all


Do not fear the enemy
Do not fear the poverty
Do not fear eternity
Jesus has conquered them all


Sore today, strong tomorrow

Repeating these words to myself over and over again:

Sore today, strong tomorrow.

Be determined, and weight loss should follow.

Hang in there, even with your brows furrowed.

When glutes are hurting, and quads are crying.

Biceps screaming, triceps sobbing.

When you’re exhausted, with muscles throbbing,

Believe it is possible, even when you’re just so…

Shattered and sore.

Aching right down to the core.

권지용씨 서른살 생일 축하해요!

This smile absolutely makes me weak in the knees. I love it when he looks so genuinely happy. Whilst he looks undeniably suave in his sombre-faced pictures, there always seems to be a deeply hidden and unspoken sadness in his eyes… a dispiritedness that makes me feel sorry for him. On the other hand, I love it when he smiles like this, this smile lights up the room, and the tinge of melancholy that seems married to him instantly dissipates. This charming boyishness bowls me over again and again.

30 Korean years old. Have a wonderful birthday GD. In the new year, I hope you give up your vices. I pray you know true joy.

Can’t wait to see you at your M.O.T.T.E concert in September!