Some days more than others, God shouts out to me to be thankful for all his blessings that I often take for granted.

Today is one such day.

I was in a lift in the hospital this evening, headed home. Feeling famished, I pulled out a banana from my lunch bag and started chowing down on it.

On the 6th floor, I was joined in the lift by a man and a woman, both very well-dressed and polite. They looked very normal, just like every other person on the street.

Normal… until they commented “That banana looks so good. If only we could even have a bite of it. We have not had bananas in years! Because… dialysis”

It became very apparent then that they were both renal patients.

They were deprived of even the very simple pleasure of eating a banana- my mother’s favourite fruit of all time. Something that I pick up and put into my mouth often without a 2nd thought. Yet, this is something that could kill them, something that they have to consciously avoid.

These are times when I realise how much of life I have taken for granted. My kidneys, my health, my freedom, my bananas.

God thank you so much for everything, even those things that I don’t even know I need to thank  you for.

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