Achy all over

I had my first ever personal training session with Emma this morning.

Now, I am aching all over. Oh the pain!

Trying to keep my eye on the prize- a healthier and more beautiful body to be proud of!

Just trying to convince myself now that the aches & pains I am currently experiencing are the loud cries of stubborn fats being burned and banished from this body forever.

But seriously, I am waddling around like an injured penguin at the moment. And tomorrow will almost certainly be worse…

BUT remember:

It never gets easier! You just get stronger!

On a different note,

I have just completed my 6 weeks of dental whitening treatment! Sticking to a boring white diet that excludes all desirable foods (especially tea!) has been difficult. Putting my teeth into dental jail every other night knowing that the dental sensitivity is gonna suck like a bitch the next day has been difficult. But seeing the before and after pictures today has been anything but difficult! I am elated and very pleased with the result! My teeth are now officially 2 shades lighter than what I started off with. Another reason to believe the age old saying “no pain, no gain!”

Before & after dental whitening

Quite frankly, I am glad to have pulled through these last 6 weeks of dental whitening hell. It has been a really trying period of time having to refuse dinner invitations, to say no to cups of tea & coffee at work, to stick to eating only rice, chicken, bananas, cabbage and cauliflower, to bear with the unpleasant neuropathic dental pain. However, I have definitely learnt something about myself through all of this… that I am capable of self control and discipline, if only I put my heart to it.

Discipline, please now help me through this next journey I am embarking on- the journey of weight loss.

Eat right, exercise more, and stay positive.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You didn’t get fat overnight. Work hard, don’t expect instant results, and prepare to be blown away by the changes that your body is about to undertake.



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