Singapore, I miss you

Maybe it’s the Joseph Schooling effect… lately, I have been feeling very patriotic.

Indeed, I have been missing Singapore tremendously in the last few days. Its sunshine, its food, and most importantly its people.

And so I have been seeking out a way to connect myself back to my roots- via the internet.

Usually, I steer clear of Singaporean TV shows and youtube videos because I find them unoriginal, uninspiring, sometimes un-classy and often incredibly cringeworthy. These days, I find myself binge-watching the creative products of many of these Singaporean creators, laughing at uniquely Singaporean jokes and feeling blissfully at home with the (usually jarring) Singaporean accent.

Singapore is by no means perfect. I still have major issues with its xenophobia, with its millennials’ sense of entitlement and self-centredness, with its childish dependence on the government to sort everything out, with its complacency and constant complaining…

Yet, I guess all these problems cannot take away the fact that my heart has been planted in its soil and taken root since 30 years ago. After all these years away, I still love the place where I was born and brought up. I love that we are a hard-working, meritocratic society, that we are a safe city, that we are a generally harmonious multiracial and multicultural place, and that we speak a unifying language called Singlish.

I watched a Singaporean video today about speaking better English. It was hilarious to hear the awkward accent and broken sentence structures. Personally, I have no problems with Singlish as long as it is spoken amongst Singaporeans, and as long as one can switch over to speak proper English when necessary.

To Singaporeans, and to Singlish:

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