Achy all over

I had my first ever personal training session with Emma this morning.

Now, I am aching all over. Oh the pain!

Trying to keep my eye on the prize- a healthier and more beautiful body to be proud of!

Just trying to convince myself now that the aches & pains I am currently experiencing are the loud cries of stubborn fats being burned and banished from this body forever.

But seriously, I am waddling around like an injured penguin at the moment. And tomorrow will almost certainly be worse…

BUT remember:

It never gets easier! You just get stronger!

On a different note,

I have just completed my 6 weeks of dental whitening treatment! Sticking to a boring white diet that excludes all desirable foods (especially tea!) has been difficult. Putting my teeth into dental jail every other night knowing that the dental sensitivity is gonna suck like a bitch the next day has been difficult. But seeing the before and after pictures today has been anything but difficult! I am elated and very pleased with the result! My teeth are now officially 2 shades lighter than what I started off with. Another reason to believe the age old saying “no pain, no gain!”

Before & after dental whitening

Quite frankly, I am glad to have pulled through these last 6 weeks of dental whitening hell. It has been a really trying period of time having to refuse dinner invitations, to say no to cups of tea & coffee at work, to stick to eating only rice, chicken, bananas, cabbage and cauliflower, to bear with the unpleasant neuropathic dental pain. However, I have definitely learnt something about myself through all of this… that I am capable of self control and discipline, if only I put my heart to it.

Discipline, please now help me through this next journey I am embarking on- the journey of weight loss.

Eat right, exercise more, and stay positive.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You didn’t get fat overnight. Work hard, don’t expect instant results, and prepare to be blown away by the changes that your body is about to undertake.



Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 00.03.00

Singapore, I miss you

Maybe it’s the Joseph Schooling effect… lately, I have been feeling very patriotic.

Indeed, I have been missing Singapore tremendously in the last few days. Its sunshine, its food, and most importantly its people.

And so I have been seeking out a way to connect myself back to my roots- via the internet.

Usually, I steer clear of Singaporean TV shows and youtube videos because I find them unoriginal, uninspiring, sometimes un-classy and often incredibly cringeworthy. These days, I find myself binge-watching the creative products of many of these Singaporean creators, laughing at uniquely Singaporean jokes and feeling blissfully at home with the (usually jarring) Singaporean accent.

Singapore is by no means perfect. I still have major issues with its xenophobia, with its millennials’ sense of entitlement and self-centredness, with its childish dependence on the government to sort everything out, with its complacency and constant complaining…

Yet, I guess all these problems cannot take away the fact that my heart has been planted in its soil and taken root since 30 years ago. After all these years away, I still love the place where I was born and brought up. I love that we are a hard-working, meritocratic society, that we are a safe city, that we are a generally harmonious multiracial and multicultural place, and that we speak a unifying language called Singlish.

I watched a Singaporean video today about speaking better English. It was hilarious to hear the awkward accent and broken sentence structures. Personally, I have no problems with Singlish as long as it is spoken amongst Singaporeans, and as long as one can switch over to speak proper English when necessary.

To Singaporeans, and to Singlish:


I was invited over to the Tons’ residence for dinner this evening.

It has been a while since I’ve had a dinner invitation of any sort by anyone, so I was very happy to accept their invitation.

We had dinner in their new house, which was beautifully decorated.

N made a really pleasant dinner- roast chicken, mixed salad, egg and couscous, beans… yum.

JH and DW live with them too, so I had the pleasure of enjoying their company for dinner as well.

After our food, we sat out on the steps leading out to their backyard. DW lit a fire in the little ‘cauldron’ outside so as to keep us cosy and warm on this cool summer’s evening. We threw some incense into the fire too, and were quickly enveloped by a magnificent aroma. Soothing music played in the background, and I was thoroughly relaxed.

Under the beautiful full moon, we sat around the crackling fire chatting about anything and everything. From our work, to birthing, musicals, food, dental whitening, superstitions, to Christian attitudes towards gay friends and how to show love to homeless beggars on the streets… we spoke sincerely to each other and laughed a lot.

It was wonderful.

It has been a really long time since I have spent such an amazing time with friends.

Dear Lord, thank you so much.

Another page added to Singapore’s history book

At approximately 9am Singapore time this morning, our nation celebrated.

For the first time in the history of our tiny nation, Singapore has won an Olympic gold medal.

Finally. A medal. A gold one.

And a record to boot too! An Olympic record. 50.39 sec in the men’s 100m butterfly final.

Snatched by a true blue born-and-bred Singaporean.

What an amazing sight it was to behold, to see this man touch the wall at the end of his race ahead of the great Michael Phelps. As the Straits Times correspondent eloquently puts it, “He grows up worshipping a water god who hasn’t lost a major 100m butterfly race since 2005 and then he drowns his deity’s dream.”

Joseph Schooling has done our nation proud.

Joy and pride swelled as our national anthem resonated through the aquatics centre in Rio. For the first time ever.

Watching this young man standing on the podium, hand on his heart, muttering the words of Majulah Singapura under his breath as our national flag is raised above the others… I cried.

I will never understand how hard he has worked to get to where he is. I can only imagine the sacrifices and the suffering he has endured… but only he can truly attest to how arduous this journey has been.

As a spectator, I can only congratulate him, and say thank you. Thank you for doing Singapore proud.

I am incredibly inspired.

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Singapore is incredibly proud of you Joseph. Because of you, people have sat up and taken notice of our crescent moon and five stars.


However, being Singaporeans, we must add comedy to even the most touching of moments. Here is a Facebook post by our Ministry of Education no less! In response to calls by the public for a celebratory public holiday…

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.16.24

And a brilliant come-back by a well-schooled and witty Singaporean.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 12.17.00



After suffering in silence for ever so long, I have decided to bite the bullet.

Today, I upgraded my Mac Operating System.

Now, all my webpages are finally displaying normally! Coming here onto wordpress is so much less stressful as well as I can finally see everything I am meant to see. Hopefully my online transactions in future will be able to go through much more smoothly without fear that the payment page cannot be displayed.

Goodbye Snow Leopard, it’s been a great six years.

Hello El Capitan. Please be gentle with me, I’m still trying to figure you out.