G-Dragon is a genius

After having my heart broken by Lee Hom 2 years ago, I have finally found someone else to love again. These celebrity crushes may seem really childish for someone aged 30, but for someone who is single AF like I am, they make me so giddy happy (though sad at the same time- because they are unreal).

Anyway, my latest love is a man named 권지용 . I know he’s been in the industry for ages and been hugely popular for the longest time, but I’ve never invested any time or effort into looking him up until this last week. Now, I am hooked.

This man is so beautiful and talented. His smile melts my heart. His fashion sense is on point. His work ethic inspires me.

Granted, he is not someone who falls into the category of “my type.” I usually fall for tall muscly chaps who are hugely intelligent and generally “good boys.” GD on the other hand seems to be the polar opposite to these men that I usually find attractive. I don’t know, there just seems to be some kind of magic emanating from him that draws me deeper and deeper into an uncontrolled fascination and infatuation.

tumblr_mafy9ekNRH1qb2yato3_1280 G_dragon_with_a_teddy_bear g-dragon-giuseppe-zanotti-collection-01



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