Thoughts on the drive home from work

I spent about an hour and a half this morning hand ventilating a little baby with a Mapleson F circuit (only 3kg, ex-prem, chronic lung disease, for PDA ligation).

Consequently, I spent an hour and a half breathing in unscavenged waste gases from the circuit with 3% sevoflurane and a fresh gas flow of 6 litres.

I reckon my own end tidal sevoflurane levels were probably about 0.5 by the end of it and I felt incredibly tired as I drove home from work.

Just thinking: If we advise our patients not to operate heavy machinery for 24hrs post GA, perhaps I really shouldn’t be driving after practically giving myself half an anaesthetic?


p.s. My right hand has also probably suffered repetitive strain injury from all that bag squeezing… *sigh, occupational health hazards eh?

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