Peace, be still

The plane is shaking so bad from the turbulence right now. I feel like I have been alternately oscillating from side to side and up and down for the last half hour or so. It is disconcerting and uncomfortable. I hope it doesn’t get any worse, and that I don’t start feeling motion sick. I admit that I am nervous, worried, unsettled. In the wake of so many recent aviation tragedies, I am fearful for my life. Dear God, the Lord of nature-the one who commands the winds and calms the waves, I pray will you please utter “Peace, be still.”

There is wisdom in silence

Lately, I have been reflecting on the wisdom behind “keeping your big mouth shut.”

As a child, I was always noisy and loud. I spoke my mind quickly, loudly and arrogantly. I craved attention, and sought to be seen and heard as much as possible.

As I grow up, I am beginning to see the truth behind the saying that “empty vessels make the most noise.” I have realised the folly of my youthful ways. Talking a lot and at high volumes does not always make you heard… At best, you become a white noise generator that people learn to ignore; at worst, you morph into the irritating buzzing bee that others cannot wait to flick off.

I have learnt that there is wisdom in silence.

Silence helps you to be a good listener.

Silence gives you time to produce balanced and measured ideas.

Silence offers you a chance to filter out things you might say that are foolish, cocky or offensive.

Silence saves you from later regret.

Silence is indeed golden.

I guess this appreciation for silence is yet another step in my maturity as a human being. Today, I do not mind being thought of as “the quiet one.” In fact, I embrace the quietness of thoughtfulness. I hope that people will then start to look forward to those times when I do break my silence, knowing that what comes forth from this mouth will hopefully be measured wisdom.