Being 28 on the 28th

Today marks the last day of me being 28. In a few more minutes, I will be well, truly and undeniably in my late 20s. The last year of my 20s in fact. As I grow older, I find that I really do not enjoy birthdays quite as much as I used to do. I face these days with slight apprehension and honestly struggle to know what to do with myself. I feel that my birthday should be a day to celebrate my life and the blessings that God has showered me with, but the human part of me cannot help but worry about becoming more prone to the ailments that accompany age.

I fret over getting wrinkled, and gaining more strands of white on my head. I worry about feeling more achy and becoming limited by my “deteriorating” organ reserves. I mull over how “old” and uncool I come across to the 18 year old first year medical student. I know these are stupid things to be hung up about, but I simply cannot help feeling a little helpless as this “age” thing will only go up and never come down.

But today I am determined. I am determined to rejoice in the Lord today. I am joyful that the Lord has blessed me with 29 healthy years of life. I am thankful that he has brought me to England and changed my life through this country. I am so glad that he has given me a good degree and a challenging career. I am utterly content for the wonderful friends and family He has put in my life.

Life has been good these last 29 years. I am prayerful that the Lord will continue to be the light upon my feet and a lamp unto my path in the many more 29 years to come.

Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

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