Motivation to do well

J Hobbo and Jizzle Tizzle stayed behind at the hospital after a morning of regional teaching today to do some practice MCQs and SBAs.

We had a little competition- do each set of questions and see who wins. Loser buys the winner a bar of chocolate.

We did a set of MCQs and a set of SBAs in the 3 hours we put in. By the end, I was treated to a bar of galaxy milk chocolate from the vending machine… and he still owes me another one! Haha! And that is with me having been awake since 5pm yesterday + having had a terribly busy night shift on the delivery suite last night!

So happy, especially since I lost so badly in the last round of study gambling I did with Sean when we were on nights together- we did MCQs and betted with wine gums. For all the answers that we disagreed on, the person who got the correct answer would win a wine gum. I think I had 2 wine gums by the end of it… and Sean had stuffed his face with an insane number of those sweeties.

Anyway, back to today. It was such a trivial little thing to rejoice over, but I still can’t help having a smile on my face. Not because I did better than the Hobster, rather because I can’t help laughing at a pair of Anaesthetic specialist trainees in their late 20s being so childish.

Still, I thank God for colleagues whom I can revise with. Colleagues who will push me and challenge me.

Thank you Lord.