The weather outside is frightful

There are “severe gales and damaging storm force winds” howling away outside. The wind’s wailing is punctuated by loud intermittent whistling by the same strong gusts of air. As branches of the barren tree outside my flat are being swayed back and forth in this frightful weather, I hear a constant tapping against my window panes– each rap-a-tap-tap reminds me of the sheer strength of this force invisible.

Sitting in my living room and listening to the eerie song of the winds is scary. Being at home alone without a TV, and having not turned the radio or youtube on, this flat is practically silent. With all this quietness surrounding me, the sounds of the wind’s tantrum seem louder, harsher, fiercer. Nature is having a raucous, inconsiderate party outside my flat, and I am afraid.

I am very scared actually.

Scared, with no one to talk to or seek comfort from.

To be honest, I don’t really understand why I am fearful. I know that I am safe at home in a sturdy building with a firm foundation. I know that the doors and windows are locked and I am safe from the frightful weather outside. I know that I have food and warm beverage in the house and the flat is lovely & toasty. I have every reason to be quite relaxed, yet I still feel unnerved by the cacophony that has filtered in from the darkness outside.

It is strange isn’t it? That our human-ness leads us to behave and feel emotions that are so irrational.

I think the same can often be said of me and my faith. I should know that my life is safe with God– my firmest foundation. I should know that the doors and windows are locked and I am safe in God’s dwelling place, away from the frightful threats of satan and sin outside. I should know that there is an abundance of blessings in God’s promised land where it is overflowing with milk and honey.

I am safe with God. Do not be distracted by the threatening voice of your sinful, doubtful nature. Do not let the loud howling lies of a Godless world tell you otherwise. Do not be afraid, for your God is Lord over the wind and the waves. Even nature obeys and trembles at his voice. Thus is the power of my God:

“He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, ‘Quiet! Be still!’ Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.” Mark 4: 39