How long before your glory lights the skies?

We sang this song for the first time in church today.

I cannot help but notice how beautiful these lyrics are. Every line and every verse overflows with such a sense of intense longing. A yearning that is not rooted in hopelessness and desperation, but founded on a confidence that God will one day make all things new. As I picture the sick being healed, and the lonely being offered friendship on this day, I cannot help but be moved to tears. I am desperate for the Lord’s return- He will perfect our imperfections, comfort the inconsolable, defend the voiceless victims, and exert His justice on the evil. When the Lord returns, this earth will finally be restored to its original perfection– drenched in the spell-binding light of God’s glory and holiness, wherein there cannot exist any darkness.

Lord, let Your kingdom come.

We have sung our songs of victory
We have prayed to you for rain
We have cried for your compassion
To renew the land again
Now we’re standing in your presence
More hungry than before
Now we’re on your steps of mercy and we’re knocking at your door

How long
Before you drench the barren land
How long
Before we see a righteous man
How long
Before your name is lifted high
How long
Before the weeping turns to songs of joy

Lord, we know your heart is broken
By the evil that you see
And you’ve stayed your hand of judgment
For your plan to set men free
But the land is still in darkness
And we’ve fled from what is right
And we’ve failed the silent children
Who will never see the light

But I know a day is coming
When the deaf will hear his voice
When the blind will see the savior
And the lame will leap for joy
When a widow finds a husband
Who will always love his bride
And the orphan finds a father
Who will never leave her side

How long
Before your glory lights the skies
How long
Before your radiance lifts our eyes
How long
Before your fragrance fills the air
How long
Before the earth resounds with songs of joy


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