No stranger to this frustration

So, after many years (9 years to be exact) of hoping and praying that my favourite Lee Hom will eventually bring his world tour to England, the man finally arrived on our wet and wild English shores this Spring.

Yet, surprise surprise, the timing couldn’t be any worse. Lee Hom’s concert was scheduled for the evening of 15 April 2013 (a MONDAY night) at the London O2 arena. Dude, who holds a concert on a school night?

I mean, I could still have taken annual leave and gone, but being the star-crossed lover that I am, it was never going to be easy for me to see him. I had already booked onto an “Introduction to Critical Care” course for the 16th of April months before I even knew he was coming to England. I couldn’t just absent myself from the course, firstly because it is unprofessional, secondly because I really need to be introduced to critical care before my ICU job in May, and thirdly because I knew God would be pissed off with me for my idolatry.

I considered going to London for the weekend, staying for the concert on Monday night, taking Tuesday’s first 5am train to get back to my little Northern city by 8am and then cabbing to the hospital for my course at half past 8. Nevertheless, I knew that the plan was irrational and could easily be demolished by external forces beyond my control. I simply could not take the risk of not getting back on time. Thus, with a great deal of heartache and a good dose of resignation, I decided not to go.

I can’t believe that he was here in England again and I had missed him YET AGAIN! I wonder if I will ever get to see him and hear him in real life. Until then, I’ll just have to watch his old concerts on DVD and pray that he will finally deliver his next music album!

Lee Hom, this is the 5th consecutive time I am missing the chance to see you. Please try and consult my diary before you plan your next performance! Kthxbye

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