Holding on to a friendship that hurts

Following the saga of the seemingly nice dinner with C2 that was ruined by horrible tweets he subsequently made about us, I certainly was not expecting to hear from him again in a long time. Thus, I was completely taken aback by a text I received from him the other day inviting me (and the same group of Christian friends at the previous dinner) to his private birthday dinner party. After everything he had said/typed on twitter, I had completely assumed that he was no longer interested in being friends. I assumed that he had chosen to move on in his life and preferred the company of worldly friends who would simply join him in eating, drinking and making merry. But maybe I assumed wrongly? Surely, if he really hated us then he would never have wanted us at his birthday party? It took me a little while to make a decision on whether to go or not. A part of me really did not want to go and be hurt by him again. I just wanted to stay at home on a Saturday night instead of putting myself out there to be battered and bruised by whatever he plans on throwing at me again. Yet, another part of me knew that I had to go. I had to go because God wanted me to go, to show that I still want to be a friend, to let him know that I have not forsaken him even when he has chosen to forsake God and me, to make sure that he still has Christian friends/aquaintances in his life. It took me a lot of determination (and strength from God) to say yes to his dinner invitation. I went yesterday, and though I felt like I had turned up to a stranger’s birthday meal and felt uncomfortable a lot of the time, I know it was good. It was good because God was there, with us.

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