Sun and sand


Loving this new scent

A tiny little piece of heaven

It is a gorgeous sunny Saturday morning.

The soft rays of golden sunshine are spilling through the windows into my living room and kitchen.

The radiator is turned on and the house is toasty and cosy.

My favourite music is in the background and I can’t help grooving to the catchy tunes.

I am busying myself in the kitchen baking cute little lemon and poppy seed cupcakes.

The sweet aroma of my cooking floods my sense of smell.

And I’ve got a smile plastered on my face.

Suddenly, the piercing chill of snow and blizzard from the last week has dissipated. The gloom of winter has disappeared. The stresses of work and life are temporarily lifted. Life doesn’t seem so dull and burdensome anymore.

Springtime certainly puts me in a good mood.