Missing Lee Hom again

Sometimes, I just can’t help but feel like I live in an idol drama. What are the chances, that I should miss seeing the man I absolutely adore for the 4th time in a row?

The chances of me catching a glimpse of him are slim enough with the 2 of us living in opposite sides of the world. And so, I hold on dearly to the times when we do end up being in the same continent, or even the same country. Frustratingly, our paths never seem to cross.

In November last year, he came to Singapore for a performance the very next day after I flew back to the UK.

In March this year, he visited Malaysia 3 days after I left Singapore for B’s wedding in Australia.

Earlier on in June, he came to Manchester to carry the Olympic torch. Yet, I still missed him because I was on a set of weekend night shifts.

And today, just 2 weeks after my long stretch of annual leave, he has swung by Singapore for his 火力全開 tour.

I have missed him, again and again and again.

I really want to see for myself this charming man to whom God has blessed with immense musical and theatrical talent. I want to hear him live and see him in the flesh, tickling away at the ivories of a piano, bashing away at a set of drums, strumming away at a guitar, or choreographing a nifty dance for the bow that he glides across the strings of his violin. I really want to witness his passion for his craft, and marvel at such talent that I do not possess.

10 years ago, on the 14th of December 2002, I saw LH for the first and last time. I remember him singing White Christmas a-cappella then, and for the first time in my life, I fully understood what it means to be mesmerised. He captivated my heart with his sweet singing, and I wondered around dazed and zombie-like thereafter, not knowing what to do with myself. He took my breath away, and until today, my heart has never fully come back to me.

Maybe next time.

Maybe I’ll finally see him again next time, whenever that is.


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