He’s done it

Pen onto paper,

Vows said without a waver,

Grasping the hand of this strange man,

A ring wraps round your finger now, my friend


I wish I could be glad for you,

I wish I could wish you well.

I wish I could celebrate your status new,

With a boogie to the jingle of your wedding bells.


But alas, no!

I grieve this day full of woe.

I weep as on your new life you embark,

For stunning day has given way to a night too dark.


I shed tears this day for your lies and life choices,

For you chose hurt and betrayal for your friends and Lord Jesus.

Why did you ignore the Spirit’s prompting noises?

Giving the devil reign over your heart’s sinful desires?


You lust after this life full of sin,

Choosing a man’s promises, you chucked God’s in the bin.

Proudly parading man’s total depravity,

Dear friend, blind sheep, do you realize the gravity?!


Look back, turn back,

God still loves you though you’ve gone off track.

Stop shackling yourself to sorrow and regret,

Come back and let God free you from a sinful life’s debt.