Boy Meets World

Recently, I got myself hooked on an American sitcom from the 1990s.

I remember watching a couple of episodes of Boy Meets World on the “Mickey Mouse Channel” when I was about 12, thinking that the show was funny, exciting, and very relevant to my young self. I never got to watch much of it though, as the channel stopped being free-view, and my dad was reluctant to pay subscription for kids TV.

Thank God I rediscovered it on Youtube.

The sitcom essentially chronicles the life of its protagonist, Cory Matthews. As we watch episode after episode, we watch Cory grow, learn and slowly mature into a responsible young adult. It touches on issues like peer pressure, loyalty towards friends, being proud of one’s parents, communication within the family, falling in love, dealing with break-ups, pre-marital sex, marriage, and saying goodbye. Through the mistakes that Cory makes, and the lessons that Cory learns, sound moral values are also being impressed upon its young target audience. The show is not only instructive, but actually really fun to watch too. Humour has got to be one of its best weapons in keeping us hooked.

I think kids these days can really do without the trashy TV that TV stations have become so apt at churning out. I wish people made more shows like Boy Meets World now: Entertaining yet educational, capturing the hearts of both the young and old.

Boy Meets World. I loved it then, and I still love it now.

Can’t wait to get the box set of all seven seasons. I want my children to be watching quality TV like this in the future.

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