The heat is on

I’ve been at an exam prep course this past week.

How nice it was to sink back into a student-like life! I could walk around in scruffy jeans and a hoodie, no patients to see, no consultants to please, no theatre politics to deal with, and most importantly, NO DECISIONS to make! (well, at least not any that could possibly kill someone if not made wisely)

However, the 0830-1700 lectures from Monday to Friday have been very intense, and my brain now feels absolutely exhausted after I’d summoned the last of its remaining concentration and comprehension power yesterday. All I want now is a really good holiday (I’m missing Australia SO MUCH), or perhaps just to sit out in the sun on this lovely Spring day. But I know I can’t.

Whilst the course has been very useful in filling in certain gaps in my knowledge, it has also identified other areas that I need to work on. The weekends are now very precious for my revision, because I know my mind and body may not cope with excess studying after long, hard, weekdays at work. Studying is a priority at the moment, as getting these exams are so important not just for my professional confidence, but also for my career progression. The director of our Anaesthesia School warned us all yesterday that we should not attempt the exams if we do not feel like we deserve to pass- I certainly don’t at the moment, so I need to do something about it!

“If you don’t study for these exams, you definitely will not pass. If you study really hard for them, you may possibly pass. Remember: you either get an A* for the FRCA, or you fail- there are no acceptable grades in between.”

God, please help me pull my socks up and work hard these next 2 months.

Lord, please help me to pass.


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