Back in the rut

I’m back in the cold and dreary Kingdom for the United.

Slept since I got in at 11am yesterday, and woke up only at 1am this morning!!!

I have a sneaky suspicion that jet lag is going to hit me pretty hard this time around. Having a body clock adjusted to Australian time but actually physically living in the English timezone really doesn’t work. Thankfully, I will be on nights next week- which my body clock will hopefully be able to cope with.

Today marks the first day of my attempt to become a vision/revision machine. I have been studying since I got up at 1am, and will head off to my basic science course in a couple of hours. Hopefully, what little homework I have completed will be sufficient to help me in understanding all that will be taught today!

Random side note: Listening to Lee Hom in the quiet of the night as I plod on with work has been exceedingly calming. God has truly blessed him with hypnotic vocals that mesmerise me over and over and over again.


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