Meeting Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions swung by Singapore as part of their South East Asian tour two days ago and I got to see them! I feel so fortunate to be in Singapore at the same time they visited and am so happy that I managed to go to their event.

That day, I realised just how bad I am at being a “groupie.” The event was supposed to kick off at 7pm, and so, JX and I decided that we would meet outside the Rock Auditorium at 6.45pm. I mean, that sounds pretty reasonable right? WRONG. Apparently, the “true fans” had all gathered to queue up at 4pm! There was even one fan who had arrived at 12 noon! I truly cannot understand how anyone could willingly forgo such precious hours and minutes of their life to do nothing more than queue up. Also, many of the fans who were at the event were uncontrollably excited. The amount of screaming heard through the night could only be matched by the squealing and shrieking of  passionate school girls from my alma mater during a school sports day. There was cheering for every single joke the Wong Fu guys told, every single pose they struck, and every video they played. As for me and JX? We clapped and cheered when appropriate, but stayed mainly calm throughout all the raucous that was going on around us. I wouldn’t say that we were party poopers; I prefer to think that we were just (more) rational. I mean, at our age, it would be highly inappropriate to behave like 16 year old young punks right? Having said that though, adrenaline did surge and I squealed like said 16 yr old young punk when the music video they shot for Wang Lee Hom was screened. “That’s the man I have loved for the last 10 years!” I told JX.

Anyways. I really enjoyed myself that night. Phil and Wes had come, but Ted could not make it due to commitments back in the USA. Although they were one person down, it was still nice to see these guys in person. They are both so thin! But very well dressed. Wes looked especially attractive and has a skin complexion that would make many girls green with envy! The 2 guys were very eloquent, and funny. They spoke like we had been friends for years (“BFFs” as Phil would put it). And I absolutely adore their American accents. It was a real delight to hear them speak.

I came away feeling quite inspired. It was nice to hear how Wong Fu had met in University- Phil was apparently really impressed with Wes and Ted’s work in class and thus determined to befriend them, whilst the other guys knew him as the semi-famous lip-syncing and dancing guy on campus. They described how they started making their first videos together, and how they scrimped and saved to buy a good camera together. They told of how they struggled to make ends meet post-graduation whilst persisting in their passion for film-work. They spoke of how they used to film for weddings (and may sometimes not be fed) and work at nightclubs interviewing drunkards. And finally, they shared about how they eventually got the recognition that they deserved through Youtube.

Phil and Wes screened a number of their works, and emphasised how important it was for them to dabble in most genres (romantic, comedy, music videos etc), and to ensure that the quality of their work was up to the same standard irregardless of the budget or manpower that they had. The guys were obviously very proud of their achievements as a production company thus far, but also seemed very grounded and appreciative of all the support their fans have rendered them.

I thought the event went really well, and it far exceeded my expectations. I mean, what can you expect from a couple of guys who don’t sing or dance or play any musical instruments? As Phil said, it was one big Youtube video party, but this party was a lot more than I had imagined it would be and I was surprisingly a lot more engaged than I had expected to be. I do hope to see these guys again soon. Hopefully it won’t be too long more before then!

Wong Fu for Lyfe.

p.s. Really not quite sure why they decided to spell “lyfe” with a “y.”


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