Good times with old friends

I met up with a bunch of my friends from junior college yesterday. It was awesome.

We celebrated our 10th year anniversary (since the first time we met) in true 02S78 style- the whole afternoon and evening revolved around lots of food. We had cakes and coffee at approximately 4pm, then moved on to have a lovely steamboat buffet dinner at 6pm, and finally ended the night off with more drinks at another cafe.

It is amazing that after 10 years, these people have hardly changed at all. They are still as spontaneous, witty and humorous as ever. There was tons of the usual banter and teasing that left most of us struggling to breathe between laughs. There was also a lot of catching up to do as well, especially since we needed to grill all the newly engaged people on the details of their marriage proposals! The best bit? Reminiscing the good old days that we spent in HC, and all the silly things we said and did then. We talked so much! And we had a really awesome time chatting about everything from relationships, weddings and babies, to gender reassignment surgery and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I love this bunch of friends to death. I love the way we are able to feel so totally at ease with each other. We can share food and drink without even thinking about using separate cutlery or straws. We do not need to be self conscious about our image in front of one another. We can talk about literally anything and everything. We can say things that are not necessarily politically correct without causing much as a raised eyebrow. We are able to make truthful comments about each other without worrying about causing any offence. When we chat, one often hears things like “This isn’t the kind of thing I would normally say, but I’m saying it because I feel totally comfortable with you,” or “We know what you are really like, because we have known you at your best and your worst behaviour in the last 10 years.” I love that this is true, because when we are together, we can feel free to be ourselves without fear of judgment.

God brought this group of really cool people together in the same class for 2 years in our late teens. We were a bunch of starkly different characters, yet He blessed us with a friendship that unexpectedly blossomed for the next 10 years. In the last decade, 02S78 have seen each other through the A levels, University life, National Service for the guys, job searching challenges and successes, failed relationships and happy engagements. 78 has been a real pillar in my young life thus far, and I thank God everyday for them.

Thank you Lord, for friendship that withstands the test of time. Thank you for this precious decade long friendship.

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