Got some feedback from the educational supervisor today.

Apparently, the general feedback from the other consultants about me is good. “No, VERY good in fact. Keep up the good work.” Whoot!

This is another pick-me-up since Dr Jim C said that “you come across as a little unconfident, but you are competently unconfident. You are constantly thinking and analysing and you know your limits. I would much rather have a trainee like you.” He also complimented that I come across as having some kind of inner calm and peace. Haha.

So pleased that after months of my most serious confidence crisis hitherto, which has resulted in me hating work and crying in church every Sunday, God has faithfully answered prayers.

Now to work on not letting this get to my head, and striving for their compliments to be justified! More studying it is then…

Praise the Lord. Thank you so much, God.

Thank you so so much.

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