Big bad bullying

I just watched a Youtube video of 7 teenagers viscously beating up a 17 year old Chinese schoolkid earlier in January this year (in Chicago, USA).

It was awful.

For 3 minutes, the teenage criminals punched and kicked this helpless schoolboy in a deserted alleyway, dragging him along the snow-covered ground and robbing him in broad daylight! They stomped on his face and booted his head, sometimes even using the boy’s own shoes to beat up his face, showing no mercy at any point. The whole time, these masked yobs kept calling the Chinese boy a “N*g**r” and threatened to kill him.

The poor Chinese boy was so defenseless and helpless! He received blow after blow of their physical assault without fighting back. And he struggled to speak any English to persuade his attackers in letting him off at all. For a moment, he looked like a rag-doll being bitten and flung about by a pack of wild rabid dogs.

I feel exceedingly disturbed by the images that I have just seen. The brutality of these assailants shocks me, but the fact that they are only teenagers (age range 15-17) sickens me even more! When I was their age, all I cared for was performing in the next ELDDS drama production, attending exco meetings on the Prefectorial board, painting our class banner, and getting to tuition classes on time. Never would it have crossed my mind that I would want to visciously hurt someone the way these teens have done. Never have I thought of using the kind of language they have used. It makes me wonder where these young criminals have learnt such behaviour from, or what things they have seen and gone through to develop such thwarted personalities at such a young age.

Poverty. Physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse. Neglect. Domestic violence. Broken families. Drugs. Crime.

Some of the horror stories that such young gangsters have had to live through is probably beyond what I can ever imagine or understand. The consequent mental and emotional scars then affect the way they perceive themselves and the rest of the world, as well as the way they relate to the people around them. They make choices that the “normal” person would deem as foolish, but these may in fact be choices made to prove or protect themselves. They may be caught in a vicious cycle of self-destruction, and there is simply no way out.

I am not trying to justify the behaviour of hooligans. In fact, I am very angry at the scallies in the video for their thoughtless and ruthless behaviour. Every blow they dealt to their victim was not just physical harm to the boy himself. It was mental trauma. It was psychological torture inflicted on the parents who love him immensely. It was the crushing of their American dream. I feel so sorry for the poor boy, and almost want to wish that those thugs all get put in jail and get a thrashing from their prison officers.

But what I do need to remind myself of though, is that there are 101 reasons to explain why they are so “messed up,” and I am not in a position to judge them. Busking in the comfort of the blessed conditions within which I live, I have no right to point fingers and condemn them when I do not truly understand. But true justice will one day befall them… and me… us. One day, the God who knows everything about every being on this earth will bring forth His fair judgment. I trust that He will do so, and I need not hurry to do His job for Him now.

Our world is totally messed up. And the brokenness of this earth manifests itself in ways like this- violence and hatred. Heartbreakingly, even children are not spared.

And the reason why our world is so far from perfect? We ditched God. We flicked the bird at him and said “let us run this place ourselves.” We ran amok and accidentally created a piece of hell on this earth.

There is too much hurt and hatred in this world without God.


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