Putting God back in the centre of life

We have been going through the book of Malachi in church this month- what an amazing section of the scripture that I have never examined before! There are lots of warnings and wake up calls that can be rather painful to hear and accept, but it is overflowing with God’s instruction and truths! I will write more about what has been taught another time, but today I shall share a simple thought that I came away from church with yesterday:

Having companionship and being all loved up are all but happy side effects of being in a relationship. The true purpose of being in a relationship is to reflect God. We are to stay committed in a relationship to reflect the way God is committed to His relationship with us. We keep our promises to each other to reflect how God keeps His promises to us. We do not and must not break faith with each other because that is NOT a reflection of the way God keeps His faith towards us. Everything we do must point to God.

Everyday, I am learning that my very existence is to be a shadow of Christ on this earth, and to be a mirror to reflect who God is. I was made in the image of God for this very purpose– that others may see Him in me.

What a life-changing revelation. The focus of my life needs to be completely changed. I need to take myself off the pedestal of my heart and put God in His rightful place. Everything, down to the people I love and the relationships that I desire need to be focused on the Lord- not what I want or how it would make me feel.

God, teach me how to do this- I don’t even know where to start.


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