Single, Christian, Man

When I was younger, I used to fantasise about the kind of man I would love to get married to. I had a whole list of requirements for eligibility. Smart, funny, romantic, Christian, tall, muscular, chiselled face… the list goes on.

But what do I desire in my future partner these days? Only 3 simple prerequisites: Single, Christian, Man.

Oh how greatly the list has been simplified! Yet, it still seems so ridiculously hard to find someone who meets all 3 requirements. The single men all seem to be non-Christians. The Christian men are all in relationships or married. The single Christians I know of are mostly women. Where are all the single, Christian men?

I’ve been feeling a little needy recently. As the friends around me all seem to be starting relationships or getting married and having children, I am beginning to feel left out and lonely.

How nice it would be to have someone come and pick me up/ walk me home after a long day on call. How nice it would be to come home from work to a lovely man who has just made my dinner. How nice it would be to have a companion during mealtimes or to go out to the movies with. How nice it would be to have someone fuss over me when I am feeling under the weather. How nice it would be to have a comforting shoulder to cry on. How nice it would be to have a man I love in my life.

God made mankind to be relational creatures, reflecting the way the holy trinity are in a perfect relationship with one another. As a human, I have been hard-wired to desire intimacy and relationship. Nevertheless, I need to be reminded daily that I should be desiring a relationship with God, not man. God alone is good enough for me. God’s love truly satisfies. God’s love will never hurt me, it will never let me down.

I am acutely aware that feeling in need of affection puts me in a relatively dangerous place when it comes to temptation. What if a gorgeous, romantic and considerate non-Christian man comes along? I know how I should choose, yet I am not confident that I can bring myself to make the correct choice. It would be so immensely difficult to say no. So dear Lord, I pray “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” (Matthew 6:13)

God is good enough for me.


One Reply to “Single, Christian, Man”

  1. I really relate to this because I am also in your position.. Don’t worry my dear, God knows he created us with a need to love and be loved,don’t stress! Gods time is the best and he will come through for you soon, just keep praying over it!

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