All I want for Christmas, is you

I’ve just spent the last 4hours doing my (last-minute) Christmas shopping on

Internet shopping is totally the way forward! Christmas music in the background, mood lighting turned on, sipping a cup of tea, sitting in the comfort of my lovely warm living room, and most importantly, not having to brave crowds and queue at the tills! Internet shopping has made this potentially stressful experience a lot more tolerable.

I want to share some pretty awesome purchases with you here:

Really cool blood bath mat!
A hilarious toilet bowl mug!
A comforting microwavable wheat toy elephant for the little ones
A book on embroidery to inspire the artistic one
A candle making kit so I can make gift candles
Super cool gloves that keep your hands warm whilst allowing you to touch your iphone screen with precision!

I am very pleased with my purchases! I hope they all arrive in time for Christmas, and that they will put a smile on the faces of their receivers. It’s always so hard for me to buy meaningful gifts for other people… I don’t want to buy things just for the sake of giving them away… I want to give people things that are practical, things that they can use, or things that they can have a laugh about… which is why I am pretty satisfied with my choices this Christmas.

What about me? What do I want for Christmas? A couple of things actually (sorry for being greedy):

1. That my parents, bro and I stay happy and healthy

2. That I start getting really unbelievably good at my job, that I enjoy it more, and that I pass my exams.

3. That my friend will end his sinful relationship and turn back to God.

4. That I will meet the man of my dreams sometime, in God’s own time.

5. Please can I meet Lee Hom too?


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