Paint me a pretty picture with the music from your soul

I had a great evening at music practice for Vicky’s wedding last night. Since September, Ruth and I have been getting together on a (semi) regular basis to work on our performance for the register signing “segment” of the wedding. Ruth has been ever so patient with me since our practices started… she’s had to teach me everything from scratch- from counting beats to learning the tunes to understanding what “f” or “mf” or “piano” means on the sheet music… I’ve had to learn it all from her. No more jazzing up the music for me (for now), I’ve got to follow the rules and sing it as it is written. We have had a total of 5 rehearsals so far, and I dare say that we are sounding pretty good. We performed for the to-be-newly-weds last night, and they seem pleased with what we have done.

To be honest, I still can’t believe that I will be the soloist at Vicky’s wedding this December. I remember how this all happened… In 5th year (I think it was during one of my sleepovers at her’s and we were watching and singing along to high school musical), Vicky (who was then single) said that she would like me to sing at her wedding in the future because she loved my voice. I agreed to it without much hesitation then, firstly because I genuinely did want to sing for her, and secondly because I didn’t think she would be getting married anytime soon. During our F1 year, Vicky went away to work in Swindon and there started dating Chris. Within a year, they got engaged and she certainly hadn’t forgotten my promise to her from 2 years ago. I was never going to regret my promise, but boy am I nervous about this whole thing! I’ve loved the practices and certainly enjoy the singing, but this is my good friend’s wedding and I don’t want to let her down.

Speaking of love songs… I want to share an awesome 5 minutes of heart-melting love tunes by my favourite Lee Hom:

His version of “Baby can I hold you” is totally mind-blowing! Especially how he started with “Sorry~”  Oh my word, I was speechless and totally in awe. How soulful, how melancholic, how heart wrenching! I want to be able to sing like him!

I am desperate to watch his 火力全開 concert this year as this is the first time in 8 years that I will be back in Asia during the promotional period for his latest album. Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, he only has concerts scheduled in Taiwan so far. I’ve entered myself into a lucky draw for his concert tickets + return flights to Taipei, and I have been hoping against hope that I will be able to win myself the best birthday present this November. I doubt it though, seeing as his concert will be held this time next week and I have yet to receive an email/phonecall to say that I have won myself a chance to go and see the musicman in action! ): I’m keeping my fingers crossed however, as miracles do happen.

Well, whilst I am on the topic of being engaged in nice activities such as singing, I should probably inform you that I have taken my own advice and picked up paintbrushes for the first time in 4 years today! I went to the paint pots ceramic studio and painted myself a bowl! It was so awesome and I was totally lost in my work. I had completely forgotten how lovely it is to immerse myself in creativity and colours, and I felt like I have finally breathed again this afternoon. Adults and little children took it in turns to come and admire my art piece. One lady even called me a “real painter”! Now, I haven’t heard that in a while.

It was so lovely, so, so lovely. The artist in me has awoken today.


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